Minimal HTML5 Template.



Version 1.1.1


  • Changed: Demo site URI.
  • Updated: Readme file according to new demo site URI.
  • Updated: Recommended requirements: Mork supports only the latest, stable releases of modern browsers and platforms. Please note that Mork doesn't support Internet Explorer anymore.
  • Fixed: Minor code fixes.

Version 1.1


  • Fixed: Dropdown menu alignments.
  • Fixed: Daub element background position.
  • Fixed: Daub element padding.
  • Tweaked: Page title area and contact info alignments.
  • Tweaked: Body background color on small screen.
  • Updated: Bootstrap to latest version.
  • Updated: halkaBox to latest version.
  • Updated: imagesLoaded to latest version.
  • Updated: Isotope to latest version.
  • Updated: Swiper to latest version.
  • Updated: PHPMailer to latest version.
  • Added: Changelog and documentation are available on WPElements Docs site now.
  • Changed: According to Google Maps policy you need paste your own license key at the very bottom in contact.html file.

Version 1.0.0


  • Initial release